Meito Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Meito Vietnam (an affiliate company of well-known C&F Holding Group in Japan) is one of the top companies in Japan with over 50 years of experiences in logistics sector. Meito Japan has built up a system of 70 distributors nation-wide so far.

Joint venture company of Meito Vietnam

The cooperation between Toda Industries and Meito Japan has brought about the foundation of Meito Vietnam joint venture company in 2014. This plays a strategic role and contributes significantly to accelerate much needed reforms in order to boost the status and improve the reputation of Vietnamese transportation service providers.

Meito Vietnam operates in the field of cold storage and is a distribution and transportation center of foods, agro-fishery and other frozen goods.

Meito Vietnam’s cold storage system in Binh Duong has a total capacity of more than 34.000 pallets, equivalent to 30.000 tons; thereby properly fulfilling the need for storing frozen foods of customers in a timely manner.

Meito Vietnam is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology and modern machines imported from America, Europe and Japan. It is easy to adjust the temperature of the warehouse from +15°C to -25°C as requested by customers. The warehouse is also automatically controlled by computers with Andapcool system of Danfoss. Its cozy and spacious corridor with 40 entries can accommodate heavy trucks and facilitate the good delivery. Meito Vietnam is further equipped with lifting and lowering systems which consist of airbags, automatic sliding doors, rolling shutters, shelves and folk lifts designed according to international standards.

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