Ashita Wood

Ashita Wood is the most modern and innovative manufacturer of wood plastic composite and other plastic-based products in Vietnam with 100% investment capital of Toda Industries.

Innovative technology from Japan with qualified laboratory

Being officially brought into operation in 4th quarter of 2016, Ashita Wood is the first factory of Vietnam manufacturing wood plastic composite to have a qualified laboratory. Ashita Wood products are all manufactured with advanced technology from Japan.

Following a closed process from input material checking to finished product testing, Ashita Wood provides a stable supply of wood plastic composites with outstanding quality to domestic and overseas markets.

Superior products, professional services

Ashita Wood has already set its primary and throughout aim. It is constantly improving and producing superior products for future.

Since its establishment and first operation, Ashita Wood has built up a strong team of design consultants, experienced operators and professional sales, installation engineers as well as after-sales managers. This is also considered a tremendous competitive advantage of Ashita Wood in comparison to other companies.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) for sustainable development

Carrying out the company’s CSR is considered the foundation of a sustainable development of Ashita Wood. To be precise, they are responsibilities to customers, staff and environment.

Ashita Wood is committed to manufacture the safest products with the highest quality. Aside from that, our products are continually improved on features, designs and colors to exceed customers’ needs in correspondence with the spirit of hospitability in Japanese culture which is known as “Ometanashi”.

Not only does Ashita Wood offers eco-friendly products, but it also takes care of the health and well-being of employees by providing them with decent meals and creating a safe and healthy working environment.

In addition, Ashita Wood puts its focus on carrying out community responsibilities by offering equal job opportunities to disabled residents.

Company information

Address: No.18A, Road 24, Vietnam – Singapore II-A, Vinh Tan village, Tan Uyen district, Binh Duong province, Vietnam.

Main products: Wood plastic composites, plastic pallets and others relating products.

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