Toda Industries Corporation Becomes an Exclusive Distributor for Barchip Concrete-Reinforcing Fiber in Vietnam

  • 23-10-2017
  • Business News

Toda Industries Corporation and Hagihara Industries Inc. signed a co-operation agreement on September 27, 2017. Under this agreement, Toda Industries Corporation will be officially an exclusive distributor of Hagihara Industries Inc., a Japanese leading manufacturer and seller of synthetic fibers, for the concrete-reinforcing fiber of Barchip.

Senior leaders of Toda Industries and Hagihara Industries Inc. at the Exclusive Sales Agreement for Barchip signing ceremony in Vietnam.

With more than 50-year history of establishment and development, Hagihara Industries Inc. has delivered high-quality products made from polypropylene and/or high density polyethylene fibers used for a variety of industries. With the built-in advantages of technology, modern machinery and equipment and large market, Hagihara Industries has researched and developed a series of Barchip concrete-reinforcing fibers delivering outstanding features in comparison to steel reinforcement.

Unlike steel rods, Barchip is made of 100% polypropylene, featuring a lightweight, highly adhesive and corrosion-free material, thus helps increase the structure integrity of concrete and lengthen the durability of the construction project. Besides, Barchip not only works well for civil engineerings, but is also a perfect replacement for steel reinforcement, thus it helps save time, money, and reduce labor cost of construction.

Recognizing great opportunities but with challenges lie ahead when becoming the exclusive distributor for Barchip in Vietnam market, Toda Industries Corporation will perform promotion campaigns to approach customers who are contractors, constructors, distributors, engineers, and home owners.