tesa 6005x – Structural Glazing Spacer Tape

  • 31-08-2017
  • Business News

In order to meet the requirements of safety and aesthetics of structural glazing in building industry, Toda Industries supplies a series of tesa 6005x spacer tapes with high compression resistance to maintain the defined distance between glass panels and metal frame, ensure consistent thickness of the structural silicone.

Structural glazing and the need for spacer tapes

Nowadays, structural glazing has been applied in building and construction industry more frequently. This technique is characterized by having a large area of glass with almost no visible frame, thus helps increase the natural daylight inside the building.

In this case, the glass panel is silicone-bonded to the metal frame, and spacer tapes are used to maintain the distance between glass panel and metal frame prior to applying the structural silicone. Hence, it forms a strong bond between the glass and the metal frame, minimizes the loss of structural silicone.

structural glazing with tesa spacer tape 6005x


Structural glazing using tesa spacer tape 6005x

Advatages of tesa 6005x spacer tape series

Researched and developed by tesa – the leading Germany tape manufacturer, tesa 6005x is a series of double-sided spacer tapes with a high density of PU foam, which is designed with open cell structure, thus reduces the curing time of silicone.

tesa 6005x has been applied in structural glazing of large-scaled projects in Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. In Vietnam, Toda Industries supplies double-sided spacer tapes which are available in different thickness for a variety of requirements.

Below are advantages of this series of tesa spacer tapes:

  • A spacer element for two-sided and four-sided structural silicone glazing
  • Chemically compatible with almost all of common silicone systems.
  • High compression resistance to ensure consistent thickness of the silicone layer.
  • High thermal resistance to minimize heat transfer through the façade.

tesa double-sided spacer tape 6005x

Applications of tesa 6005x in structural glazing

Product range

tesa 6005x includes 5 products with different thickness as below:

Please contact us for technical instructions of structural glazing with tesa spacer tapes.