Toda Industries’ prospect in industrial tape industry

  • 04-07-2017
  • Business News

Currently, more and more industrial tapes such as adhesive tapes and protection tapes are being consumed thanks to their amazing applications in different sectors such as construction, automotive or electronics industry. This also means that the competition has become fiercer and fiercer, and that enterprises should implement efficient business plans in order to affirm their positions in the market. Well understanding of opportunities and challenges of the market, Toda Industries is well-equipped and always ready and for the “battle” with 02 main product ranges which are adhesive tesa tapes and Toda protection tapes.

Toda Industries’ prospect in industrial tape industry

Being an authorized distributor of tesa – the world’s second largest German manufacturer of adhesive tapes with over 100 years of establishment and development – in Vietnam, Toda Industries has possessed a branding strength which few domestic companies does.

Protection tapes of Toda has been found huge potentials of development in Vietnam market. Officially launched in 2016, our range of Toda protection tapes has been applied for many construction works both in the North and the South of Vietnam.

Apparently, with advantages of being backed by a renown tape manufacturer - and high-quality products, as well as our internal strength which is a qualified Sales team, Toda Industries definitely has chances to become one of Vietnam's leading industrial tape suppliers in future.