Toda Industries is honored to receive certification “Trusted Brand 2015"

  • 19-12-2015
  • Company News


In the morning of 19 December 2015, at the Convention Center of Central Politburo, The Council of Vietnam Enterprise Association has organized the conference to announce the corporate credit rating and to celebrate the "Trusted Brand 2015" ceremony.

The Award has been conducted by Vietnam Enterprise Association, in coordination with local and international organizations since 2005. The purpose is to help enterprises to improve quality management capability, establish connection / relationship with clients and customers; as well as enhance competitive advantages, which based on the surveys and independent assessment of a third party as a condition for cooperation and trade alliance.

Toda Industries is honored to be one of the outstanding enterprises, among more than 10,000 enterprises surveyed, to meet the corporate credit rating, and receive the certificate " Sustainable development enterprise" - "Trusted Brand" in 2015 based on four criteria : economic, environment, society, and culture.’