Periodic maintenance of Ashita Wood items by Toda Industries

  • 12-04-2017
  • Project News

Few days ago, Toda Industries’ Construction team executed a thorough check and provided periodic maintenance for Ashita Wood items of two projects: Happy Valley – District 7, Ho Chi Minh City and a private villa in Tra Vinh province.

In spite of being in use for over one and a half year, these items have been in good shape and have retained their original vibrant colors. In addition to offering cleaning service, our Construction team repositioned wood pallets, replaced some wood plastic items which were damaged during use free of charge as requested by project owners.

Offering customers periodic maintenance for Ashita Wood projects is a part of after-sales policies of Toda Industries. We are committed to work hard for highest customer satisfaction as a thank you for their trust and appreciation for our Ashita Wood products.

Here are some pictures of the maintenance of Ashita Wood as mentioned above.

Happy Valley - District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Item: Outdoor pool deck.

Private villa - Tra Vinh province

Item: Outdoor pool deck.

Overview of Ashita Wood plastic composite

Ashita Wood is a wood plastic composite (WPC) which is made of imported raw materials from Japan. Ashita Wood creates no harm to human health and is eco-friendly. This wood plastic composite has a light weight, offers an excellent durability and a high resistance to rot, decay and fire. Besides, Ashita Wood has good workability and is easy for cleaning.
Ashita Wood is an exclusive brand of Toda Industries Corporation. Ashita Wood factory is located in VSIP II-A Industrial Park in Binh Duong province.