Barchip concrete reinforcing fibre – Improve the quality of building construction

  • 12-04-2017
  • Business News

Toda Industries delivered a brief of Barchip for concrete reinforcement in the review of Barchip demonstration organized by Toda Industries and Hagihara Industries at Mega Warehouse project. In this article, Toda Industries is going to give you more details of features, specifications and applications of Barchip products for your building projects.


Concrete reinforcing fibre of Barchip is made of 100% Polypropylene and developed by Hagihara Industries Inc. Concrete reinforced with Barchip has a better flexural strength and toughness compared to those reinforced with steel rods.

- Light weight and workability: Barchip weighs only 0.91g and is well-packed, providing an ease of handling and workability.

- Corrosion free: Unlike steel rods, Barchip has a high resistance against alkali, thus ensuring the long-term durability of the concrete.

- High bonding with concrete: Thanks to Hagihara’s unique technology in embossing and hydrophilic treatment, Barchip provides a high bonding strength and improves a flexural toughness.

- Safer and ecological handling: Barchip does not release dioxin and clorine when inflaming. Therefore, it is known as a environmental-friendly material.

Specifications and applications of Barchip

Currently, Hagihara Industries has developed 3 types of Barchip: Barchip MK, Barchip JK and Barchip PW Jr. Here are their features.

Barchip MK

Barchip MK is a concrete reinforcing fibre for ground supported slab. Barchip MK is used as a replacement of steel reinforcement.

Resin Polypropylene
Specific gravity 0.91
Diameter 0.7 mm
Length 30 mm
Tensile strength 500 MPa
Young’s modulus 10,000 MPa
Melting point 160 – 165oC

*The indicate values are not to be regarded as guaranteed figures.

Barchip JK

Thanks to its high anti-spalling and excellent anti corrosion property, Barchip JK is perfect for tunnel lining.

Resin Polypropylene
Diameter 0.91
Thickness x Width 0.5 x 0.9 mm
Cross section area 0.385 mm2
Tensile strength 530.3 MPa
Melting point 160 – 170oC
Color Gray
Form Monofilament
Length 48.0 mm
Decitex 3,500 dtex
Young’s modulus 10.5 GPa
Acid/ Alkali resistance Excellent

*The indicate values are not to be regarded as guaranteed figures.

Barchip PW Jr

Barchip PW Jr is highly resistant to cracks. Thus, it enhances the toughness of concrete structure and enhancing anti-spalling effect on concrete. Barchip JW Jr is recommended for bridge and railway construction.

Material Polypropylene
Specific gravity 0.91
Diameter 64.8  µm
Tensile strength 530 MPa
Melting point 160 – 170oC
Minimum dosage >0.05 vol%
Color Gray
Length 12 mm
Young’s modulus 5,000 GPa
Water absorption  Excellent
Ignition point 447oC

*The indicate values are not to be regarded as guaranteed figures.


Concrete reinforcing fibre of Barchip have been used worldwide in an effort to reduce construction cost and increase long-term durability of concrete. In Vietnam, however, they are hardly applied for civil construction due to lack of information of products and reliable providers.
Hence, Toda Industries will be supplying high-quality Barchip products, which helps not only save much time and manforce but also minimize cost of materials in the near future in cooporation with Hagihara Industries.