Ashita Wood joins hand protecting forests

  • 12-07-2017
  • Business News

Recycling wood wastes to manufacture green and safe wood plastic composites is a way in which Ashita Wood joins hand protecting the Earth’s lung.

Ashita Wood joins hand protecting forests

By making use of wood wastes such as wood chips and wood scraps which are treated well, we have produced a range of Ashita Wood WPCs, which are lighter, more durable and much safer than natural wood with a diversity of colors and shapes, contributing largely to purify the environment and significantly minimizing the act of cutting down trees for wood.

Additionally, our Ashita Wood products are the most recyclable materials while retaining their high quality and outstanding properties. Possessing a wide range of warm, classic, modern and vibrant colors, Ashita Wood WPCs harmonize with every project indoors and outdoors.

Ashita Wood does not grow trees, but Ashita Wood joins our hand to save green forests. This is not only our responsibility but also our aim to bring values to the community.